About DLR

Build in the public’s mind a reference consultancy company in property appraisals, which operates throughout accross countries helping people and institutions of different sizes in the strategic and financial decision-making process; by carrying out relevant assessments, consultancy and reports, based on standards and regulations that ensure high technical quality.

Bringing as a differential the practical experience with over 30 years of experience, which directly impacts the methodologies and simplification of defined processes, ensuring agility, adaptability, technical security and good marketing sense in deliveries.

Our Differential

• Reference Company in Appraisals

• High Skilled Team

• Nationwide Coverage

• Market appraisals under the technical concept without losing the “common sense”.


To offer security and technical reliability for making more assertive decisions through reports and appraisals of assets, real estate, economic companies and consultancy in inspection of works and feasibility studies.


To be recognized as a consolidated brand in expansion, a national reference in delivering very high quality, agile and uncomplicated performing appraisals and consultancy, which values the excellence of after-sales service.


Respect and Ethics: To be seen with reverence and consideration for individuals, businesses and standards of conduct.

Commitment and Transparency: Behave with principles of honor and truthfulness in corporatism and interpersonal relationships. As well as in the commitment to techniques, methodologies and punctual deliveries.

we appraise

machines, equipments and also

Goods in general, shipments, vehicles, furniture and others.

real estate

Houses, apartments, warehouses, industrial lands, plots of land, lands, shops, office buildings, hotels, malls, rural sites, productive farmlands, agro-industrial properties and others.

companies economical consultig

Commerce funds and intangibles and Economic Business appraisals.

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    Alameda Santos, 1470, cj. 1105 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP, Brazil, CEP 01418-100

    Phone.: +55 (11) 3145-1616 / +55 (11) 3287-3111 / +55 (11) 3287-4362
    email: dlr@dlr.com.br