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DLR Engineers and Associates has on its portfolio the main Brazilian and foreign banks, besides several corporative clients, institutions and several sizes industries, including the agroindustrial, auctioneers, real estate funds, asset managers and others.

Our Purpose

Offer security and technical reliability for decision making through engineering appraisals and consulting.

A credible appraisal is born of commitment. So are we too, for over 3 decades working on the premise of commitment and ethics in all our processes. We know the importance of each delivery for our customers and for society.

We developed methodologies that served as the basis for market transformation. We adopt new technologies. We cultivate the high level of technical excellence that the market demands, combined with the transparency that everyone deserves.

More than appraisals and consultancy, we offer decision-making tools. We are consistent and resilient, we reinvent ourselves and adapt to demands, always with the eyes of good market sense. We simplify processes, multiply opportunities.

We are DLR.

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    Alameda Santos, 1470, cj. 1105 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP, Brazil, CEP 01418-100

    Phone.: +55 (11) 3145-1616 / +55 (11) 3287-3111 / +55 (11) 3287-4362